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Patchouli is rich and earthy with sublte sweet aromas.


Medium Incense Cones. Each packet comes with approximately 30 cones. Each cones is 5cm (2 inches) tall and burns for approximately 35 minutes. Good for indoor or outdoor use.

Patchouli - Medium (2") Incense Cones

  • Directions for use: Place an incense cone on a ceramic holder. Light the tip of the cone and allow the flame to catch. Then blow out to leave a glowing tip.


    SAFETY WARNING: Place incense holders on a heat resistant surface away from flammable furnishings and out of any direct draught. Avoid contact with polished, painted and synthetic surfaces. Never place burning incense on any electrical equipment or directly on any item of furniture. Do not leave unattended whilst lit. Keep out of reeach of children and pets at all times. Never move burning incense and allow holder to cool completely before touching.

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